RP Specific Rules

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RP Specific Rules

Post by PresidentStorm on Tue Sep 13, 2016 6:46 pm

When creating a new Empire...

1. You must start with at Max 3 Systems
2. A proper backstory must be in place
3. Very limited Fallen Empires accepted, and must be approved by PresidentStorm
4. New players do not know of Lore unless they are a Fallen Empire or told to them IC
5. Mysterious Lore will not be known by Fallen Empires, and will be learned though Events
6. You cannot be the same species as another player
7. New Players are behind in Technology, but can catch up

1. No Godmodding
2. Federations are limited to 4 at a time
3. Be logical and have common sense
4. When you post something, you cannot post again on the same fourm except if someone replied to it or if it's been unreplied for 12 Hours
5. War Goals must be feasable


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