Lore of the Galaxy

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Lore of the Galaxy

Post by PresidentStorm on Tue Sep 13, 2016 9:42 pm

13.5 Billion Years ago, the Milky Way Galaxy formed. From there-over, life began around 10 Billion Years ago. The first species known to roam the stars are the Zon, a highly advanced species which quickly colonized the entirety of the Galaxy. The Zon Empire mysteriously vanished, with some evidence indicating, but not guaranteeing, a Galactic-Wide Civil War, but the truth has yet to be clear on the fact of their Extinction in the First Galactic Extinction Event.

Indicators state that it took Billions of Years for life to recover, but eventually multiple Galactic Empires formed around 4.3 Billion Years ago. Multiple indicators state of empires such as The Interplanetary Confederacy, The Hirav Empire, The Fellnioan Theocratic Council, and the Uiolian Star Empire as key figures of the time. With archaeological findings indicate that when the Interplanetary Confederacy reached a size of nearly 50% of the Galaxy, indicators reveal of a Disease named the Haat Fever spread in a Pandemic across the Galaxy, starting the Second Galactic Extinction Event.

Life found a way, and 500 Million Years ago, evidence points to another resurgence of Galactic Empires across the galaxy. Notable Empires during the Third Imperial Age include the Great Tircal Republic, the Most Serene Confederacy of Tyuia, and the Kingdom of Tqei. As per similarly to the others, once the Great Tircal Republic spanned almost 60% of the Galaxy, intergalactic mutant beings known as the Mulk'ai Hive Mind came, which ravaged the Milky Way and life, leading to the Third Galactic Extinction Event.

Now, Life has sprawled once again. It is questioned, has a Fourth Galactic Extinction Event come near?

Mysterious Lore:

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